3 Myths About Senior Living

The decision to move to a senior living facility likely will be on one of the toughest decisions a person or family will ever have to make. Knowing when the time is right to move away from one’s home into a retirement community can be daunting. Often concerns come with fears associated with the unknowns of living at a senior living facility, being further bolstered by the myths associated with living at such a complex. While finding a quality facility, such as Mt. Pleasant Home, can ultimately be key for a person to more fully enjoy their Golden Years, the initial fear and angst can be difficult to overcome. To help with those, here is a list of some of the common misconceptions of residing at a senior living facility along with the truth about living there.

Myth: Senior living will be a drain on my finances.      

Truth: Although the costs to reside at a facility can vary, it is possible to find an affordable retirement community at an affordable price. Mt. Pleasant Home is one of the most affordable full-service retirement facilities in the Dubuque area. Thanks to a volunteer-supported, non-profit charity and a well-funded endowment, residents at Mt. Pleasant Home can live at the community for under $1,000 per month (including three meals a day, weekly laundry and housekeeping, utilities, transportation and more).  Additionally, admission can occur overnight and rent is month-to-month with no lease requirements.

Myth: I will lose my independence upon moving into a senior living community.

Truth: In reality, you have the ability to gain more freedoms upon residing at most retirement communities. At facilities like Mt. Pleasant Home, you gain independence from having to keep up with tasks such as lawn care, cleaning your home, cooking, and laundry. Meanwhile, Mt.Pleasant Home is among the retirement communities that accommodate residents’ transportation needs.

Myth: I will be lonely and bored living at a senior living community.

Truth:  Like any move in life, an adjustment period may occur upon moving into a retirement community. However, friendships are certain to be formed once you get to know your neighbors. To help foster relationships, facilities, such as Mt. Pleasant Home, host daily activities to help foster relationships. Meanwhile, Mt. Pleasant Home is far from your cookie-cutter retirement facility. Situated on a multi-acre property in the heart of Dubuque, Mt. Pleasant Home is built around an 1850s mansion with many indoor parlors and welcoming outdoor seating areas.